The Greens have been campaigning to stop WestConnex and invest in public transport since this expensive, dirty tollroad was announced in 2012.

As the Greens Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong has been working alongside community action groups and local residents to highlight the major flaws and devastating impacts of this $16.8 billion project.

Our current campaign seeks to disrupt the financing of WestConnex by focusing on bids for the forthcoming sale of at least 51% of WestConnex. We're doing this by asking our super funds: #DontSuperFundWestConnex.

The Greens have a plan to support cleaner, greener projects such as:

  • An Inner West Light Rail Link heading up Parramatta Road, connecting the CBD to the inner west
  • The proposed Western Sydney Light Rail Network, which would connect the Parramatta CBD to regional employment hubs such as Macquarie Park and Castle Hill
  • Buying back the Airport Link from its private operator and slashing the Station Access Fee, which will take thousands off the road
  • Investing in park-and-ride facilities at major train stations to encourage and divert thousands of commuters off major roads and onto public transport as they commute into the city
  • Integrating the cycleways for Sydney's west and inner west.


  • WestConnex M4-M5 tunnel update

    In December 2018 details of the latest WestConnex M4-M5 route and tunnel depths were published on an interactive map which showed a large number of locations where the proposed tunnel depths would be far shallower than previously indicated. 

    Depths of between 16-25 metres under many residential streets in St Peters, Camperdown, Annandale and Leichhardt are unacceptable given the severe impacts which have already been seen on homes in other areas at deeper tunneling depths. 

    The Greens and affected community members are calling for the following: 

    • Scrap WestConnex and redirect money into public transport
    • Deeper tunnelling
    • Community representative on the RMS damage assessment panel
    • Expand the zone of influence to 250m
    • Vibration monitoring at homes within zone of influence
    • Deploy ground movement detection technology to confirm causation of property damage
    • Commit to compensating property owners for compulsory underground acquisitions

    In April 2019 the WestConnex Action Group held a large community meeting to look at options for compensation for damage caused by the M4-M5 tunneling. 

    You can find information about this meeting here.

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    Don't Super Fund WestConnex


    We want our super funds to support healthy and secure lives in our retirement. But, what if the money in our super funds was contributing to the exact opposite?

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