NEWS: WestConnex Non Violent Direct Action

Anti WestConnex nonviolent direct action continues as homes fall in Haberfield and exploratory drilling continues in St. Peters and Rozelle and Lilyfield.

Local community members are continuing to take nonviolent direct action in Haberfield and Ashfield against the M4 East WestConnex home demolitions.  They are being arrested and are facing court proceedings as the bulldozers on many different demolition sites irrevocably destroy homes, communities and green space.


In the latest action on June 21, four local women from the newly formed group, Women Against WestConnex, were arrested in the grounds of a property in Chandos Street, Ashfield. The action was reported in detail here  by Wendy Bacon and the women made a statement about why they took this action prior to being arrested.  

Two residents who had occupied the rooftop of a home now demolished in Wolseley Street on April 30, had the charges against them dismissed by the magistrate in Burwood Court  on June 23, who recognised the campaigners had taken all legal channels to halt WestConnnex before taking direct action as a last resort.

Previous nonviolent direct actions include the May 15 occupation of an apartment in a block of units in Wattle Street, Haberfield and the home occupations in Northcote Street on April 16 and Wolseley Road on April 30.


This year has also seen many direct actions in St. Peters and Tempe against preparatory drilling as the local community picketed drill sites at different locations and held a number of protests at the entrance to the Alexandria Landfill Site where the proposed WestConnex St. Peters Interchange is planned.  The wholesale removal of contaminated landfill caused great concern in the community. 


 Protests against WestConnex work occurred at Cintra Park in Concord also in March at the location of a WestConnex works site.


Community protests this year started at the WestConnex drill sites on Ramsay Road and Reg Coady Reserve on Jan 22, when the Haberfield community took a stand against the destruction of their green space and the commencement of work despite the fact that no Planning approval had been given. 


We know that the community will not accept WestConnex and these non violent direct actions will continue and grow as the public become more aware of why WestConnex won't work and how the NSW government is bulldozing through this project despite overwhelming evidence showing that it is deeply flawed on many levels.

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